Home Staging


byAnnie offers Home Staging services to suit your needs – sometimes, clients just need a few tips and guidelines after a consultation, and other times, clients would prefer to have us come in and transform the home.

A consultation is always required to determine what each client’s needs are. A Basic Home Staging Consultation begins with a tour of the home. During the session, a designer will take detailed notes and provide the client with a personalized report on how to prepare each room for a successful showing. byAnnie will always try to enhance a room by using what the homeowner currently has in the home, and will recommend the rental of accessories or furniture, if necessary.

If you would rather have an expert do it all, a Full Home Staging session can be arranged. This may include  packing items and moving it away for storage, as well as arranging for furniture rental and furniture placement.

Let us help you achieve results.




Imagine a clutter-free environment and the sense of calm that comes with it. byAnnie offers unique Organizing services which every homeowner should consider.

An organized space brings more order and ease, and the bonus is an aesthetically pleasing and beautiful surrounding. Each session begins with a thorough consultation, where our trained experts listen and learn about what makes the most sense to you.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients understand the why’s and how’s, so that they can feel empowered while maintaining order and function.





Would you like to downsize but unsure of where to start?  Downsizing is a large task that requires commitment and attention to detail.  Let us help you by providing tips on how to get started, or arrange for us to come in and help you get the job done!