Carol and Joe, Woodbridge

The successful sale of our home was largely due to the amazing transformation done by Antoinette. She took one look at our place and knew exactly what needed to be done. Her design expertise helped turn our place into a well-designed show home. Her work gave our home a fresh new look we were extremely happy with. In the beginning, we felt a tad overwhelmed with what had to be done, but Antoinette was quick to come in and able to get everything organized. It was a pleasure to have her in our home. We would definitely recommend her to anyone needing home staging. Thank you Antoinette for all you have done for us.

Nandita and Vikas, Markham

Annie, I love the work you did with organizing my daughter’s closet and my kitchen pantry. I especially liked the way you used cost-effective ways to help us to organize our home, and your attention to detail is amazing. You have a very clear vision of what you would like to see in a given space, using items that I already had in the house. The closet and pantry are so easy to maintain now, and they have managed to stay organized for the last 2 weeks! We no longer feel overwhelmed.  I would highly recommend Annie to friends and family – I am sure that she will do wonders with your home, like she did with mine!

Rebecca, Toronto

I have been a long time dweller in midtown Toronto. My condo is 800 square feet and I have loved every foot of it. Living in a small place has its challenges, however. I enjoy entertaining and as such, am never quite sure whether I have too many or not enough accessories visible when having company. You want your home to be warm and welcoming and at the same time, you want as much room as possible for people to be able to walk around and be comfortable. I realized I needed the help of a professional, and so I contacted one. I called Annie, explained my situation, and was instantly put at ease knowing she understood what I needed. She came to my home, looked around carefully, asked several questions so she was able to ascertain exactly what I wanted and went to work.

The results were wonderful. My living room, either too crowded with unnecessary items or too sparse, was now open and inviting with space enough for many more people to attend lunch or dinner parties. My kitchen was a dream when she finished, allowing me both much more counter space on which to work as well as a larger space for serving. My favourite treasures are still evident, but in a much more interesting and space saving way. I couldn’t be happier. Space was at a premium in my kitchen cupboards as well. Annie took out all my cooking and baking needs, separated them into different areas in order to make them readily accessible when I was ready to work. She then organized my spice cupboard with the everyday spices easily at hand and the occasional ones grouped separately. It was interesting that when she completed her work, I seemed to have much more space in the cupboards even though nothing I needed had been discarded. I know the processes of cooking and baking will now be more fun and much less stressful for me.

I would call her instantly if I needed any other help in furniture placement in any rooms of my condo or finding the simplest manner in which to organize drawers, closets and cupboards. I would highly recommend her services in any of these areas.

Nella and Manny, Etobicoke

‎Antoinette was wonderful to work with. She had great ideas and was able to organize my kitchen perfectly! I look forward to working with her on my other home improvement projects!!

Victoria and Dalton, Uxbridge

Annie organized my kitchen right after I moved into my new home. It was a complex job, as I had a lot of items and the kitchen was very large. I had no idea where to even start and Annie organized everything just the way I wanted it (without even telling her how I wanted it!). She was professional, extremely organized and efficient. The service she provided really made my transition easier and I am so pleased with the results. Everything has a place and it is very easy to keep it organized going forward. I would recommend anyone who is moving or needs their space organized to utilize Annie’s services – you will not be disappointed!

Fred and Kim, Stouffville

Annie was very friendly and professional to work with. She worked quickly and independently to stage our house and did a great job highlighting its assets while respecting the character and style of our home. We would highly recommend Annie to anyone who is looking to get their house ready to sell. We look forward to working with Annie when decorating our new home.